Tuesday, 5 June 2018

British Aikido Board 



British Aikido Board & Jack Poole Exposed

Mr Poole is a beacon of light which dazzled the BAB

For the Full factual documented investigation in to the collusion of the BAB and Mr Jack Poole
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British Aikido Board - EXPOSED !

History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies` -  Alexis de Tocqueville. 

A Letter from an EX British Aikido Board Executive that will forever shame the BAB 

Dear Henry,
I write this email to once and for all state that I am truly sorry for all of the distress caused to you by my email correspondence which contained information I now know to be complete lies and fabrications.
The basis for the lies came from various members of the then BAB Exec team. 
These meeting were held in both Solihull and Slough at the home of the BAB Secretary, Shirley Timm’s. 
None of the information discussed at these meeting was minuted in any detail with regard to you. 

It became apparent very quickly they were trying to recover themselves from a huge mistake they had made with regard to awarding Jack Poole an award for time in Aikido when he clearly had not been in Aikido this long. People turned against you in these meetings and started to bad mouth your good name and character with utter rubbish and fabrication.
 Shirley Timm’s was the basis and the main instigator in these lies with Tony Davis also adding false anecdotes and recounting tales which now quite clearly never occurred. Sadly, I listened to these and believed them. I know now they are completely false.
With Regard,
The (ex) BAB Communication Officer ( name with-held for legal reasons ) -

 ( Note: Henry Ellis did not even have a motoring offence against his good name. )

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