Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido 

 Resignation Letter to the British Aikido Board.

Att: The Chairman of the British Aikido Board 

Mr V Sumpter & Ms S Timms

Dear Sir

We the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido tender our resignation from the British Aikido Board as of the above date.
We have no further confidence in the board as a competent governing body due to the boards inept handling of the Jack Poole controversy.
In the past two years the board have not replied to any of my correspondence on this now public matter, neither have they replied to any other correspondence, including information on first aid courses as requested.
I recently received the minutes of the last meeting, these were the first in almost eighteen months.
It is now very obvious after two years of the "controversy " being a major topic of debate in the Aikido community that the BAB have no intention of addressing this matter which has brought the credibility of the BAB into disrepute and derision.
How can any organisation or individual member have the confidence and faith to approach the so called ``Governing Body `` with any future dispute after what has been a very public loss of trust as shown by the apparent cowardice of this chairman and his executive.

Yours faithfully

Henry Ellis

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