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British Aikido Board  - FAQ 

Questions and Answers

Important - Questions and Answers.

“What are the advantages or disadvantages of being a member of the `British Aikido Board` ?”

Answer; Advantages = None -  Disadvantages are many

Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman of  `The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido ` were initially members of the excellent `MAC` - `Martial Arts Commission,` they later became founder members of the British Aikido Board.

During those early days we, and the other founding members, were full of enthusiasm, we had a dream of building an organisation worthy of the rapidly growing UK Aikido community.

The BAB quickly grew in numbers, it also grew away from its members as it became more and more bureaucratic. There were people who were not so good on the mat, yet they were a little better in the administration.

The BAB have a very large bank balance created by its membership, along with its endless revenue flow from various coaching awards schemes.

If the BAB could come up with an award for laying mats or tying an Obi or a Hakama, and charge for it, they would.

You can actually buy a BAB dan grade certificate on their website. Why wait until Xmas - order yours, don't forget one for a friend  !!

"Oh - don't forget to add that you are BAB approved"

The executive actually have a sweet little share out of members money (your money ) they have a rather nice name for it too, they call it a `honorarium` of approx £1,000 each executive.

The ESTA resigned from the BAB in the year 2000 in protest at their crass attempt to alter the true history and lineage of British Aikido.

During the past thirteen years not one single person, nor one single organisation or authority, has asked if we are members of the `British Aikido Board`.
To be honest, we are always pleased to advise people that we are not associated with the discredited BAB.

“ We are only with the BAB for the martial arts insurance ! ”
There is no need to join the BAB just for m/a insurance cover – The information below will meet all of your insurance martial arts requirements .
Contact the BKA and go compare.
BKA Martial Arts Insurance
– BKA Admin – 149 Longsight – Harwood – Bolton – BL2 3JE – Tel; 01484 843400 –

Below the Documented Slide - Show of the BAB Controversy.

See the actual documents - `The BAB and Mr Jack Poole` have never offered one single item of fact or proof to support their crass actions.

Rather than justify their conduct with documented proof - they resorted to - Slander - Fraudulent Deceit - Blackmail emails - Hate Website.

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