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                  The Expose Revelations

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1999 - Henry Ellis had volunteered to be a police witness in a case they were prosecuting - The Police suggested a character reference - Henry suggested BAB - Ms Shirley Timms the BAB secretary, ( right ) provided Henry with an excellent character reference - Ms Timms was privy to the ``innocent purpose`` of the character reference. (All letters available on file).

As exposed by an ex BAB executive - Ms Timms would later openly tell others that she had provided a character reference for Henry Ellis because he had been charged with ``GBH `` `grievous bodily harm` a very serious crime, second only to murder - a crime that can result in a life prison sentence.

Henry Ellis has a clean character - he did not even have a driving offence against his good name. 

This is the evil that Ms Timms and the executive are capable of if anyone dares to defy them - as Henry Ellis did - when they attempted to make Jack Poole a pioneer of UK Aikido.

Important: Henry Ellis did not even have a motoring offence against his good name
Extract from the Expose Revelations

A Ex BAB Executive - sickened by the defamation of the good name of Henry Ellis - wrote the apology below.

Apology Received from The (ex) BAB Communication Officer 6/9/09 ~ No apology from BAB for this vicious act of slander.

Dear Henry,
I write this email to once and for all state that I am truly sorry for all of the distress caused to you by my email correspondence which contained information I now know to be complete lies and fabrications.
The basis for the lies came from various members of the then BAB Exec team. These meeting were held in both Solihull and Slough at the home of the BAB Secretary, Shirley Timm’s. None of the information discussed at these meeting was minuted in any detail with regard to you. It became apparent very quickly they were trying to recover themselves from a huge mistake they had made with regard to awarding Jack Poole an award for time in Aikido when he clearly had not been in Aikido this long. People turned against you in these meetings and started to bad mouth your good name and character with utter rubbish and fabrication. Shirley Timm’s was the basis and the main instigator in these lies with Tony Davis also adding false anecdotes and recounting tales which now quite clearly never occurred. Sadly, I listened to these and believed them. I know now they are completely false.
With Regard,
The (ex) BAB Communication Officer ( name with-held for legal reasons )

For the full BAB Revelations of the Executive ~ Click here BAB Exposed

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__AIKIWEB Articles - K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - TK Chiba___

______________________________________________"THE BUDO MASTERS"_______________________________________________

_____________________Kenshiro Abbe ~ ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ ~ Masamichi Noro ~ ~ Kazuo Chiba _______________

Henry Ellis 6th dan AikiKai Hombu - Co-author of "Positive Aikido". Relates stories of training with the early Budo Masters.
_______4 Articles - featuring 1st Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 2nd Masahilo Nakazono - 3rd Masamichi Noro - 4th TK Chiba_______

______________________________________CLICK the ARTICLE of YOUR CHOICE_____________________________

1st - Article: Kenshiro Abbe _____“Trying to Catch the Wind”_____
Click Here - AikiWeB Article - "It Had to be Felt".~ Kenshiro Abbe - "Trying to Catch the Wind".

2nd - Article: Masahilo Nakazono ______”A Man of Peace and Pieces”______
.Visit Aikiweb Click here >- Aikiweb - Nakazono Sensei Article

3rd - Article: Masamichi Noro ______The White Tornado__

Visit Aikiweb - Click Here - "The White Tornado"

4th - Article: Kazuo Chiba ______Two Handsome Young Men___Click here - "Two Handsome Young Men"

Henry Ellis a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957. "AikiWeb" has published 4 articles to add to their popular Ellis Amdur article collection of "It Had to be Felt" `IHTBF`.

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Henry Ellis Anniversary Dinner 2TK Chiba's 40 years in the UK".

Henry Ellis Sensei joined Chiba Sensei in the 1960s shortly after his arrival in the UK.