Thursday, 26 January 2012

1 - BAB ` more ` Intimidation.

The British Aikido Board and the British BiranKai.

I have deleted most of the content of this item as the British Aikido Board threats to the London branch of the British Birankai have been successful - unlike similar threats to myself (Henry Ellis).

Below:Mr V Sumpter BAB Chairman........Ms Shirley Timms BAB Secretary.Many Aikidoka are aware of the controversy with the BAB,their threats and intimidation made to Henry Ellis Sensei at a time the BAB Executive were conspiring to fraudulently attempt to totally change the proud history and lineage of UK Aikido from its inception by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in 1955. As everyone now knows, they failed miserably with a reprimand from `Sport England`.The BAB senior executives then resorted to very serious defamation of the character of Henry Ellis as detailed further down this page. The BAB were exposed by a disgusted member of their own executive team who had resigned.

Mr Sumpter the BAB Chairman was offended by comments on the London British Birankai web page. The comments were honest and frank. Mr Sumpter had initially demanded changes be made to the sites content, to which the British Birankai Chairman has rightfully refused, simply because, all of his statements are fact. It has long been a mystery as to what part of the word `fact` is so difficult for the BAB to understand. It now appears that the BiranKai have climbed down after threats and pressure from the BAB. The BAB tried this bullying tactic with Henry Ellis and they seriously came unstuck.
" BAB: The Chairman indicated to D Bath and the executive members that failure to modify the language and the tenor of the article would leave the chairman with no option but to formally table the matter for discussion at GM in May 3rd 2012."

Read these items in full on the BAB minutes dated 7th January 2012 here >BAB minutes
The BAB minutes and the London AikiKai page can be read in full by visiting the " BAB minutes".

British Aikido Board Setting the Standards.
From the BAB website;
"The Board seeks to further the advancement of all styles of aikido and to establish and monitor standards of safety and behaviour for practitioners of aikido".
The photo from the KaiShinKai website is of the BAB chairman Mr V Sumpter 5th dan grading Bill Harris Sensei to 7th dan - Mr Sumpter was subsequently graded to 6th dan by Mr Harris.(more at bottom of this page)

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