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6 - Faces behind the BAB Controversy

Mr Poole clutches the coveted BAB Samurai Statue that meant so much to him.

Mr Jack Poole

The BAB Believed him !

Mr Poole a beginner with Henry Ellis in 1968(proven fact) Mr Poole told the BAB he started Aikido with Tadashi Abbe in 1951/2 (they believed him). He told the BAB he represented the BJC in international competition in 1954- Four years before the creation of the BJC ( they believed him )- He told the BAB he received a dan grade in Kendo with Tommio Otani in 1952 - Tommio was a thirteen year old schoolboy ( they believed him )- He told the BAB he was the first Karate dan grade in Shotokan Karate--16 yrs before Shotokan Karate was introduced to the UK by Dr Vernon Bell ( they believed him ) He told the BAB he was a third dan in Judo with Matsutaro Otani Sensei - Robin Otani said " we have never heard of Jack Poole. This statement from the President of the BJC did not deter the BAB ( they believed him )The BAB proudly presented Mr Poole with a Bronze Statue as a pioneer of British Aikido...

Mr Poole's bio has now been revised with claims on his website " Mr Poole has trained to black belt standard in various martial arts " ..`` Jack - either you is or you aint - Henry Ellis:-)``


Mr Toni Davies

In the year 2000 Toni Davies was the BAB Chairman. He was an ardent supporter of the false claims of Mr Jack Poole. There is very little that Mr Davies will be remembered for, except his incredibly shameful crass statement when questioned at a general meeting by Derek Eastman Sensei on the proud history of British Aikido. Toni Davies [Quote]: We the British Aikido Board are not the custodians of British Aikido history - we therefore have no interest in the same[Unquote]Of course he will also be remembered as the cowardly BAB chairman who closed a general meeting early to prevent Henry Ellis asking questions regarding Mr Poole's award. Mr Davies colluded with Ms Timms to lie that another (non existent) group were waiting to use the meeting room.

It is on record that Mr Ellis checked with the Venue manager to clarify there were no other bookings that day.


Mr Vincent Sumpter

Mr Sumpter is the present BAB Chairman....The only man to insult the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.Mr Sumpter became chairman in the middle of the controversy issues.Mr Sumpter offers the following idiotic statement in defence of the crass BAB "" The period in question predates the creation of the BAB by a significant amount of time and therefore we have no formal records to prove or disprove either claim.” (Poole's 47 years in aikido and Ellis's rebuttal) Mr Sumpter did not need any formal written records as he had 3 pioneers who were the last students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei's from the inception of UK Aikido - These pioneers were members of the BAB...Pioneers who had their diploma's signed by OSensei himself..... It was hoped that Mr Sumpter would bring a breath of much needed fresh air to the BAB, not so !! . As his limp predessor will be remembered for his crass statement. Mr Sumpter will be remembered as the BAB chairman who ""REFUSED "" to accept his invitation as a honoured guest at the celebration to the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Mr Sumpter stated to his executive " I will resign if you insist on my attending this event !! ". I am sure that he will be remembered by the executive members as the first BAB chairman to raid the members money by awarding each of the executives a sweet little `honorarium ` of approx £1000 of the members money per annum.That is approx £10,000 a year of the members money............ Try asking Mr Sumpter to help a small dojo with new mats :


Ms Shirley Timms.

Ms Timms is the BAB secretary and treasurer of the British Aikido Board. Ms Timms has served the BAB well and with distinction from its inception, until her divided loyalties with her position as the BAB secretary and as a close friend and supporter of the Poole's affected her judgement... Ms Timms to her everlasting shame actually puts in writing to Henry Ellis, supporting the lie told by Mr Toni Davies that the 2000 General meeting was closed as another group were waiting to enter the room. There was never such a group which was clarified by the Centre Management...We all know this was a blatant lie.............Why on earth would the highly respected Ms Timms allow herself to support such conduct, Ms Timms herself trained at the famous Hut Dojo, her late husband David Timms a highly respected Aikidoka was a very close friend of Haydn Foster Sensei... Yet, beyond belief.....Mr Poole is still the favoured son of the British Aikido Board, the governing body that were prepared to go to any lengths to corrupt the true history and lineage of British Aikido..BAB = Bad @ Budo......Because Henry Ellis tried to protect the history and lineage of British Aikido Ms Timms stated " Henry Ellis will never participate in another British Aikido Board seminar ~~~ "" I Thank God for that "" ...

Ms Shirley Timms.
An EVIL Tongue
Henry Ellis was a witness for the police in a case they were investigating. The police asked him to get character references to support his testimony. He explained everything clearly to Ms Timms the British Aikido Board secretary, who in turn gave him an excellent character reference.
He was not aware that Ms Timms had been spreading rumours that he had requested the character reference because he had been charged with GBH ``grievous bodily harm`` ,this is a very serious offence which is second only to murder, and can carry a life sentence. It was only when he received a letter from an ex- BAB executive who had apologised for his part in spreading the evil rumours perpetrated by Ms Shirley Timms the BAB secretary.
It should be noted that Henry Ellis Sensei did not even have a motoring offence against his good name and character.

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