Sunday, 23 October 2011

4 - The British Aikido Board Executives

< Ms Shirley Timms - BAB Secretay.-
Henry Ellis exposed the collusion of Ms Timms with the Jack Poole Controversy - Ms Timms stated "I will make sure that Henry Ellis never again takes part in another BAB National Seminar!" - I am most grateful for that..
Prior to the expose:Henry Ellis had asked, and received, an excellent BAB character reference from Ms Timms for a personal matter. Ms Timms was fully aware of the purpose of the reference. - Unbelievably - Ms Timms then advised other members that she had provided Henry Ellis with a reference because he had been charged with GBH ( `grievous bodily harm`, a very serious charge, second only to murder). Henry Ellis during his lifetime does not not even have a motoring offence against his good name.
The BAB have never apologised for this blatant act of evil defamation.
Scroll to the post below for the embarressing expose by the "ex" BAB executive member.

< 2001:Toni Davies BAB Chairman:
Toni stated:""We the British Aikido Board are not the custodians of British Aikido History - we therefore have no interest in the same !! "" . This man would later lie at a General meeting of all the member organisations to promptly close the meeting to prevent Henry Ellis speaking of the BAB collusion with Jack Poole.

2002: Mr Vincent Sumpter new BAB Chairman stated. "" The history of British Aikido precedes the formation of the BAB, we have no records of this "" Probably the daftest statement to date - There were three original Aikido pioneers as BAB members.
Mr Sumpter went one better when invited to the " Kenshiro Abbe Memorial Event "
His response to the BAB executive " If you insist on my attending? I will resign !! " ( he did not attend )

< Mr Keith Holland Vice Chairman BAB

Mr Holland a close associate of Jack Poole and the BAB. Mr Holland truly has a sense of humour when stating on the NACD forum "" Henry Ellis is envious that Mr Poole has gone on to greater things than Mr Ellis himself has ""...Mr Holland needs to protect the grades given by Mr Poole - after all, Jacks 7th dan was awarded by his own students.

Dominick Foster BAB Executive.
Dominick not wanting to be outdone by the stupidity of other BAB Exec's he attends the " Kenshiro Abbe Memorial " he tells attendees waiting for the event to open "" The memorial is not this year, it should be next year "" One has to wonder why the muppet was there at all LOL ??

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