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7 - BAB chairman 5th dan grades a 7th dan DUH!

From the KaiShinKai website.20th April 2008 - Sensei 'Bill' Harris - Kai Shin Kai chairman and chief examiner - awarded 7th dan (shichidan)
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Presented by Vincent Sumpter (godan), BAB chairman & Fred Mills (godan)

From the text and photo we have the BAB chairman Mr Sumpter 5th dan grading his own Senior to 7th dan duh- Mr Sumpter was subsequently graded to 6th dan, duh duh.

Mr Sumpter is the Chairman of the British Aikido Board which is responsible for maintaining standards in UK Aikido in the name of the Sports Council.

The constituted purpose of the British Aikido Board is to further the advancement of all styles of Aikido in the United Kingdom and to establish and monitor standards of safety and behaviour conducive to the safety of practitioners of Aikido.[/unquote]

The above goes some way to explain why Mr Sumpter and the BAB were so comfortable in offering their full support of the fraudulent claims of Mr Jack Poole.


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis


British Aikido Board

British Aikido Board . BAB Blog. Here you will experience the comfort of ``Executive Meetings of the BAB exectutive officers as they meet in the privacy and comfort of the home of Ms Shirley Timms. - Ms Timms is the long time BAB secretary. From the statements added below from the confessions of an ex BAB executive officer you can experience first hand the cunning and the scheming that takes place behind closed doors to which `` selective `` minutes were the order of the day.

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This is the one !!Mr Vincent Sumpter the only man to insult the memory of the father of all British Aikido. The man that refused to attend as an invited guest to the K Abbe Memorial event to represent the members of the BAB.. Mr Sumpter stated to his executive "" I would rather resign as chairman than attend that event """.
British Aikido Board """ Exposed """"
Email from Mr Sumpter.... " Be careful what you add to the BAB minutes, Henry Ellis reads the BAB minutes. ....why be careful if there is nothing to be afraid of ????? .
These are ` new ` and shocking revelations of the conduct of the governing body for British Aikido.....This documented article with first hand evidence gives the first actual insight into the crass conduct of the then BAB exec........
A large batch of email copies from an ex BAB executive officer were freely handed to Henry Ellis, they tells how the BAB were prepared to go to any devious lengths, not only to protect themselves, but also to protect Mr Jack Poole.
The exec member tells of meetings where the BAB officers slandered the name of Henry Ellis, simply because he would not stand back and allow them to change the true history of British Aikido. Visit the article link below.
British Aikido Board Exposed!
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