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It should be noted that Mr Poole has a creditable history of Aikido, starting with Henry Ellis and later Chiba Sensei, sadly Mr Poole was desperate to be known as a man of Budo.

Mr Jack Poole the favourite son of the British Aikido Board. The BAB were, and have been prepared to stake its creditability and its very survival in the protection of the fraudulent claims of Mr Poole. Why?? only Mr Poole and Ms Timms the BAB secretary can possibly answer that one. It would appear that members and their money mean much more to the crass BAB than integrity, honesty, principals.

We have never ever quesioned Mr Poole's credibility from 1968, we have no problem with that. We do though have a serious problems with his claims from 1952 to 1968 as these affect the true history of British Aikido.
Although ``all`` of Mr Poole's claims have been proved to be false, he and his supporters still stand by these claims. It is time for Mr Poole to apologise.
I can sincerely understand the people who have been graded by Mr Poole not wishing to know or accept the truth. A senior dan grade of Mr Poole said to me personally that he had sat and listened to these stories so many times over the years, stories that he now knows to be fairy tales.

The BAB were fully aware of the scale of evidence that proved beyond the loyalty of friends family and loved ones that Mr Poole's claims were full of pony.

Mr Poole cunningly thought that by using the names of teachers who were deceased no one could question him ? WE DID !!.. Read the ludicrous claims of a man of Ludo.
Mr Poole when making these false claims was not aware that Ellis still had the 1968 Slogh dojo members list showing when he joined...He was aslo unaware that there were several photos of him wearing a yellow belt in late 1968 and best of all an old 8mm movie with Mr Poole and George Stavro from 1968 clearly showing Mr Poole as a beginner.

One) Started Aikido in France with Tadashi Abe Sensei in 1952.
Statement from Pierre Chassang Sensei who was the first student of Tadashi Abe Sensei in France stated "" There were no English students with T Abe Sensie in the 1950's.""

Two) Graded third dan Judo by M Otani Sensei
Robin Otani Sensei said this was untrue, "" There are no records or memory of Mr Poole's claim.""

Three) Represented the `British Judo Council ` internationally in 1955.Robin Otani stated.
"" The BJC was not formed until 1958 - International competion began 1968. No record of a J Poole.""

Four) Studied Kendo with Tomio Otani in early 1950s,
"" Tomio was then a 13 yrs old schoolboy.""

Five) Received dan grade in Shotokan Karate 1955..
Shotokan Karate was introduced to Britain in 1966. By Dr Vernon Bell and Enoda Sensei. Senior members stated
"" We have never heard of Jack Poole "".

Six ) When Mr Poole was interviewed by a London metropolitan detective, Mr Poole stated "" How dare you question a man of Budo who trained directly with OSensei "" We know that Mr Poole never trained with OSensei yet was prepared to tell porkies to a London Metropolitan detective.

Update May 2010:
A senior student of Mr Poole's has offered the latest ` profile ` on Mr Poole.
" Mr Poole is one of the greatest Aikido teachers in the world. Poole Sensei has trained to black belt standard in Judo and Kendo "...ambiguous init !
What happened to all those dan grades ? ? ?
Mrs Merrill Poole.
I have a lot of respect for this lady who I believe is the true Budoka in the Poole family. I must admit that I don't know the truth.......But,,It is my opinion that Mrs Poole herself was duped as were the gullible BAB and the Shinawaki students.
I have often felt a great deal of sympathy for Mrs Poole during the controversy.

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